USNA Columbus Chapter Board of Directors Meeting Minutes – April 13, 2021

Posted: 1/9/2022




April 13, 2021


Roll Call:

Present: Tony Konecny ‘79 – President; Dave Goins ‘84 – Secretary/Communications Director; Jim Waddell ‘71 – Treasurer; Rob White ‘94 – Webmaster/Shipmate Coordinator; Jim Worthington ‘60 – Board Member; Todd Forney ‘86 – Board Member; Michel Plumley ‘09 – Board Member.

Absent: Ben Sandman ‘10 – Vice-President. 

Board Minutes:

Board Minutes from May 5, 2020 were discussed.  Motion to accept made by Waddell; seconded by Goins.  The minutes were unanimously approved.

Treasurer’s Report: 

Presented by Waddell.  Moved by Goins to be acknowledged and filed for audit.

Treasurers Report can be obtained by Contacting Jim Waddell ’71.

Old Business: 

  1. Pro forma procedures for personal events such as hospitalizations, deaths, etc.  Motion made to expend funds for personal events such as hospitalizations and deaths as indicated in Attachment 1 made by Forney; seconded by Worthington.  Furthermore, due consideration shall be given in situations where flowers may not be appropriate such as hospital restrictions.  Additionally, routine hospitalization may not rise to the level of a monetary gift.  In these cases a card from the Chapter may be more suitable.  Motion passed unanimously.
  2. Shipmate submission IRT Janet Maroscher’s death and donation to Navy League. – (Konecny) – DONE
  3. Recruit new Shipmate contact person. (Board) – DONE.  New contact is Rob White.
  4. Further discuss and design a process to incorporate Plumley’s suggestion (New Business Item #3 from May 5 Board Meeting ) as an integral part of annual event planning. – Plumley/Goins
  5. Work with Webmaster to design a simple process to identify new alumni to the area in database. – White/Konecny

 New Business:

  • Special announcement – Columbus Chapter has been selected as Distinguished Chapter and “Other Chapter”  which will result in a seat on the US Naval Academy Alumni Association Board of Trustees for the next three years starting at the May 2021 meeting.
    • President’s Vision
      • Beat Army in head count in at least one social event – goal is 156;
      • Engage in activity outside of ourselves (scholarship for Summer Seminar);
      • Meet the criteria of a Distinguished Chapter/Other Chapter.
    • Columbus Chapter has been designated as a Distinguished Chapter and an “Other Chapter” for seat on the USNAAA Board of Trustees.
    • Award presentation is virtual on Thursday, December 10, 2020 at 1600;
    • The Chapter Board will have to select who will represent the Columbus Chapter on the USNAAA Board of Trustees – ACTION
  • Purchase of Herff Jones (Chapel Domed) Challenge Coins
    • Joe Stewat ‘66 has suggested that the Chapter purchase five Herff Jones Challenge Coins as a fund raising item;
    • Total expense would be $537.45 (including shipping and handling);
    • Coins could be used for fund raising or as a thank you gift for VERY SPECIAL guest speakers;
    • Joe Stewart guarantees that he would buy the coins from the Chapter if they do not sell;
    • Motion to authorize the expenditure of $537.45 from the Chapter checking account to purchase five Heff Jones challenge coins made by Waddell; seconded by Goins.  Motions passed unanimously.
  • Discussion concerning dues collection during COVID-19 pandemic.  Motion made to adjust Chapter dues to $15.00 for 2021 and return to $25.00 thereafter made by Worthington; seconded by Waddell.  Motion passed unanimously.  Words will be included in Chapter correspondence encouraging members to contribute as they see fit to further the Chapter’s financial goals.
  • New Chapter email address –  The Communications Director will no longer be using  Information on the new address will be promulgated to the Chapter shortly.
  • Moving forward the Chapter will be using Google Docs for Chapter administration.
  • Active duty alumni attached to central Ohio commands:
    • Rear Admiral Kristen Fabry – Commander, DLA Land & Maritime
    • Captain Mark McCulloch – Commanding Officer, Professor of Naval Science, The Ohio State University
    • Commander John Mullen – Executive Officer, Navy Talent Acquisition Group – Ohio River Valley
    • White suggested that we look to other local organizations for USNA alumni to participate in the Chapter (i.e.; FBI, Secret Service, etc).

Action Items:

  1. Board to vote on USNAAA Board of Trustee representative.  Email Dave Goins ( with choice by noon on  December 10, 2020. – Goins
  2. Purchase five Herff Jones challenge coins (three with Tecumseh and two with John Paul Jones).  Also investigate if there are any quantity discounts offered by Herff Jones and inquire about the cost of casting a die for a Columbus Chapter challenge coin. – Konecny
  3. OUTSTANDING – Further discuss and design a process to incorporate Plumley’s suggestion (New Business Item #3 from May 5 Board Meeting ) as an integral part of annual event planning. – Plumley/Goins
  4. OUTSTANDING – Work with Webmaster to design a simple process to identify new alumni to the area in database. – White/Konecny





 Monetary expenditures for “personal events” (hospitalizations, deaths, etc.) shall adhere to the following guidelines :

  • Non-member – up to and including $25.00
  • Member – up to  and including $50.00
  • Very active member – up to  and including $100.00
    • Officer/Board Member
    • Blue & Gold Officers
    • A Chapter member that contributed significantly to the US Navy, USNA, or Columbus Chapter


  1. No further Board approval is required provided guidelines are followed;
  2. Hospitalizations that are not of a serious nature or life-threatening shall not involve a monetary expenditure.  Instead a “get well” card from the Chapter is deemed appropriate;
  3. Examples of monetary expenditures include the purchase of flowers, donations to a non-profit organization, and a contribution to an alumni or an alumni family member that is experiencing financial distress;
  4. Consideration of purchasing flowers should include care facility restrictions and personal allergies.

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