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Letter from the President

Posted: 7/24/2020

Dear fellow USNA alumni:

Welcome to the Columbus Chapter of the United States Naval Academy Alumni Association. I hope you use this site to keep informed of Chapter events and stay connected with alumni in Columbus and Central Ohio. In our region, there are more than 115 USNA alumni who have already expressed interest in participating in Chapter activities.

To provide the most worthwhile experience for local alumni, the Columbus Chapter leadership will focus on the following objectives:
• Maintaining an up-to-date roster of local alumni interested in participating in the Chapter;
• Providing ample and diverse opportunities for alumni and their families to socialize, network, and have fun;
• Leveraging local Military and Air Force Academy organizations to enhance the overall experience of our members;
• Supporting and interacting with Navy entities such as visiting Navy sports teams/clubs, the local Naval Academy Parent Club, and the Columbus Navy League;
• Hosting an enjoyable and engaging Army-Navy football event; and
• Communicating effectively and consistently with local alumni.

USNAAA Chapter Officers and Board Members are volunteers, and I encourage you to contact them to indicate your interest in activities and events. The leadership of the Columbus Chapter is:
• President – Tony Konecny 1979 –
• Vice-President – Ben Sandman 2010 –
• Secretary/Communications Director – Dave Goins 1984 –
• Treasurer – Jim Waddell 1971 –
• Shipmate Contact/Webmaster – Rob White 1994 –
• Board Members
Jim Worthington 1960
Todd Forney 1986
Michel Plumley 2009

Additional information about Chapter Officers and Chapter By-Laws and can be found on the website. We also share frequent updates via various social media platforms:
Facebook –
LinkedIn – USNA Alumni Association – Columbus Chapter Group
Twitter – @USNAAACbus
Instagram – USNAAACbus
Shipmate – Chapter News

I look forward to meeting you at our next event. I am excited about the Chapter’s future, and I hope you will join us in making the Columbus Chapter an organization in which you are proud to belong.

Go Navy,
Tony Konecny

A Message from ADM Samuel Locklear III ’77, USN (Ret.)

Posted: 6/22/2020

Transmitted by USNAAA June 6, 2020

Today I was made aware of statements posted to a public forum attributed to an alumni volunteer of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Board of Trustees representing the Jacksonville, FL, chapter. These attributed statements do not represent the mission and values of the Alumni Association, the Naval Academy or the U.S. Navy.

As volunteer leaders in our communities, we must be inspirations and examples for all citizens. As Chairman of our Alumni Association, I have accepted the resignation of this alumnus effective today, and asked the Jacksonville, FL, chapter to take appropriate action to appoint a new Chapter Trustee.

The Naval Academy Alumni Association represents more than 65,000 individuals from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. We support the Naval Academy mission. As alumni, we seek to uphold the Naval Academy core leadership values of honor, courage and commitment. As an alumni organization, we seek to be an inspiration for all young people who want to become future Navy and Marine Corps officers. We will continue to honor that inspirational role. We are all in this together. We must face the challenges of today and all future challenges of tomorrow…together.

ADM Samuel J. Locklear ’77 III, USN (Ret.)
Chairman, U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Board of Trustees

U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation
247 King George Street, Annapolis, MD 21402
(410) 295-4000 |


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Our Core Values – USNA Alumni Association

Transmitted by USNAAA June 10, 2020

This message is being sent to volunteer leadership of classes, chapters, parent clubs and shared interest groups. While the message will be sent to all alumni this evening, we ask that you share via email and social media with your members and community to amplify the message.

Naval Academy Alumni and Community:

As many of you are aware, a now-former alumni volunteer on our Board of Trustees recently made racist and sexist comments in a public forum. These remarks seriously discredited him as a Naval Academy graduate and retired Navy Captain. The comments trampled on our core values of Honor, Courage and Commitment. They injured and confused many of our alumni and shipmates and, by association, they reflected poorly on our 65,000 alumni, our parents and friends in our Naval Academy family, and our Alumni Association. He no longer serves on our Board, and he has rightly resigned from his home chapter. As a chapter trustee, he was removed by the local chapter from their membership.

During the Alumni Association Board of Trustees meeting on 10 June 2020, we also reviewed his membership status in the national organization and voted, in accordance with our bylaws, to expel the alumnus from the membership rolls of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association.

As members of the Board and as alumni, we are shocked and disappointed that our alumni, our Alumni Association and likely the broader military community have been impacted and tainted by the bigotry of a Naval Academy graduate. We will move forward and put our hand on the tiller to actively steer our Alumni Association on a course away from racism, sexism and bigotry. Our course will not tolerate bigotry of any type and will provide all present and future Naval Academy alumni with an alumni organization that reflects Naval Academy core values, nurtures all alumni with respect and dignity and treats everyone equally. Our Alumni Association celebrates the diversity of our members and the special talents of each of our alumni. As alumni, we must continue to reflect on the enduring oath we all took on I-Day as plebes and at our graduation and commissioning. We must reaffirm the responsibility we have to our Naval Academy, our Navy and Marine Corps, our nation and to one another to support, promote and live our core values.

We pledge to learn from this incident of bigotry and actively lead to restore the trust and hope of our diverse alumni community. We will purposely improve our alumni board processes and our alumni volunteer organizations to ensure there is no hiding place for racism, sexism or bigotry. Silence on these matters is not an option. We must ensure we are on the right course with the right people in place to lead and represent us. We are committed.

Therefore, we have established a special committee, co-chaired by Lieutenant General David Beydler ’81, USMC (Ret.), and Captain Karin Vernazza ’90, USN (Ret.), that will include a diverse group of our alumni. The committee will review how we can improve our leadership organizations and operations to support and nurture all alumni and to ensure racism, sexism and bigotry and their damaging effects do not exist and will not be tolerated in our Alumni Association. Additionally, the committee will review all aspects of our Alumni Association mission, board policy, processes, recruitment and succession planning. The committee will report its initial findings at a meeting of the Board of Trustees in September. As the committee gets established, we genuinely request your input and support. Please send comments to

We have much work to do in the months ahead but let us be clear: there is no place for racism or discrimination among our ranks as Naval Academy leaders, or within the larger Naval Academy alumni community.

Very respectfully,

Chairman and Trustees of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association

U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation
247 King George Street, Annapolis, MD 21402
(410) 295-4000 |


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Our Core Values: Special Committee

Transmitted by USNAAA June 19, 2020

On 10 June 2020, the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association took the actions encompassed in our statement on “Our Core Values”. We reaffirmed our values and commitment to steer away from racism, bigotry and sexism in our Alumni Association. We established a Special Committee to review our Alumni Association programs and policies in this regard. We are pleased to announce the members of that Special Committee:

Lieutenant General David Beydler ’81, USMC (Ret.), co-chair
Captain Karin Vernazza ’90, USN (Ret.), co-chair
Matice Wright-Springer ’88, co-chair
Alonzo Barber ’97
Rear Admiral Julius Caesar ’77, USN (Ret.)
Rear Admiral A.B. Cruz ’80, USN (Ret.)
Carlos Del Toro ’83
George O’Garro ’05
Captain Barbette Lowndes ’80, USN (Ret.)
Janie Mines ’80
The Special Committee will review our Alumni Association mission and vision, and our volunteer leader processes, and report its initial findings at a meeting of the Board of Trustees in September. The Special Committee will collaborate with the Executive Committee of the Board in this effort. The members of the Executive Committee include:

Admiral Sam Locklear ’77, USN (Ret.), chair
Lieutenant General David Beydler ’81, USMC (Ret.), vice chair*
Byron F. Marchant ’78,
Commander William Squires ’75 USNR (Ret.)
Commander Steve Hall ’75, USN (Ret.)
George O’Garro ’05*
Steve Comiskey ’69
Tim Wolf ’87
Captain Karin Vernazza ’90, USN (Ret.)*
Commander Richard Cataldi ’69, USN (Ret.)
The Special Committee continues to request your input and comments to:

Admiral Sam Locklear ’77, USN (Ret.)
Chair, U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association Board of Trustees

Byron Marchant ’78,
President and CEO, U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association

* Denotes members of both the executive committee and the special committee.

U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association and Foundation
247 King George Street, Annapolis, MD 21402
(410) 295-4000 |


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I hope you’re having a meaningful Memorial Day.

Posted: 5/24/2020

It’s the Memorial Day weekend, and many of us are thinking of shipmates we lost along the way. In central Ohio, there are typically many notable events and places where you can reflect and honor fallen servicemembers for their extraordinary sacrifices. Unfortunately, under the current COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, such gatherings have been curtailed, so I offer something you could do something virtually.


Check out the Naval Academy’s virtual Memorial Hall at The site has excellent photos and class information, as well as extended biographies and links to other resources. Of the 109 Ohio Honorees there are five from Columbus:
Gordon Cone, 2LT, USMC (’29 age 25)
Harold E. Fisher, LTJG, USN (’42 age 22)
James H. Eversole, ENS, USN (’43 age 23)
Theodore Tallmadge, CAPT, USAF (’53 age 27)
Brian L. Cardiff, LTJG, USN (’73 age 25)


I am struck by how young they were when they died, and it reminds me of something President Reagan said, “Some people live an entire lifetime and wonder if they have ever made a difference in the world. A veteran does not have that problem.”


I hope that you and your families have a pleasant and safe weekend.
Go Navy,

Tony Konecny

Board Meeting Minutes – 5 May 2020

Posted: 5/21/2020

Board Meeting Minutes

May 5, 2020

Roll Call:

Present: Tony Konecny ‘79 – President; Dave Goins ‘84 – Secretary/Communications Director; Jim Waddell ‘71 – Treasurer; Rob White ‘94 – Webmaster; Eric Marquardt ‘07 – Shipmate Coordinator; Todd Forney ‘86 – Board Member; Michel Plumley ‘09 – Board Member.

Absent: Ben Sandman ‘10 – Vice-President; Jim Worthington ‘60 – Board Member.

Special Board Minutes from January 9, 2020 appointing Jim Waddell as Treasurer of the Columbus Chapter of the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association were discussed.  The minutes were unanimously approved by all present.

Treasurer’s Report.  Presented by Waddell.  Moved by Goins to be acknowledged and filed for audit.

  1. Konecny pointed out that $150 was donated in memory of Janet Maroscher, wife of Udo Maroscher (associate member of the Chapter).  $50.00 was provided by Captain Chris Peppel, former CO of NOSC Columbus.  The amount donated was in light of the Maroscher’s significant contributions to the Chapter and Navy organization throughout Columbus.
  2. White suggested that an entry be submitted to Shipmate notifying the Chapter of Jan’s passing. – ACTION.
  3. Forney suggested that a standard memorial document be prepared and approved by the Board such that future actions will be pro forma.  Konecny and Forney will work on a document – ACTION.


Old Business – None


New Business 

Board feedback on virtual meeting – tabled until more data is available;

How do we get more people involved:

  1. White suggested getting support from outside businesses for some chapter activities.  For providing the expenses for refreshments, an organization could present information concerning their business to the chapter.  In so doing, the business could advertise for customers or employees.  Alumni attending would benefit from the networking opportunity.
  2. Forney suggested investigating a virtual Happy Hour. Konecny asked Forney to investigate and report his findings to the Board.
  3. Plumely suggested that at the time before an event such as the Founders Day Dinner alumni be presented with a plan for the year and allow groups to form in a competitive manner to encourage innovation and friendly competition. – ACTION
  4. Eric Marquardt requested to be relieved of Shipmate contact duties after 3 years of service to the Chapter. A new Shipmate contact will need to be assigned. – ACTION


  1. Konecny discussed the existing scheduled events – Founders Day/Annual Meeting, lunches with speakers, and pub nights.  Mentioned that due to COVID-19 pandemic, it may not be possible to schedule any events for the remainder of 2020.  Encouraged discussion on other possibilities from the Board;
  2. Forney suggested that we consider a 3 level plan for the Founders Day/Annual Meeting in light of the 175th anniversary of the founding of USNA – schedule a normal event, schedule a “social distancing” event, schedule a virtual event.  Depending on the state of “shelter-in-place” in September 2020, one of the options could be implemented.  Also recommended considering a virtual happy hour.


Chapter scholarship status – Konecny discussed the intent of providing a scholarship to a worthy, needs-based central Ohio candidate to attend either the STEM Program or Summer Seminar at USNA.  Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all activities at USNA are cancelled so no scholarship will be offered for 2020.


Communications – Konecny discussed the various means of communication available to keep Chapter members informed.  He encouraged use of all means to ensure the Chapter is well informed.


Webmaster report – White discussed:

  1. That the Columbus chapter was instrumental in getting the Alumni Association to get proper SSL certification for the national and chapter websites (Word Press);
  2. Explained that using technology could improve member experience.  For example, alumni that move in or move out could be automatically identified thus providing for initial contact and recognition at some type of hail and farewell event – ACTION.


Action Items:

  1. Pro forma memorial procedures for personal events such as hospitalizations, deaths, etc. – Forney/Konecny
  2. Shipmate submission IRT Janet Maroscher passing and donation to Navy League. – Konecny
  3. Recruit new Shipmate contact person. – Boad
  4. Further discuss and design a process to incorporate Plumley’s suggestion (New Business #3) as an integral part of annual event planning. – Plumley/Goins
  5. Work with Webmaster to design a simple process to identify new alumni to the area in database. – White/Konecny

Chapter Annual Dues Campaign

Posted: 2/19/2020

The Chapter’s Annual Dues campaign is in progress and will close February 29, 2020. Annual membership dues are $25. Both alumni and friends of the Chapter are invited to renew or join. If you have already sent your dues, THANK YOU!


 Chapter treasury funds are used to pay for items such as:

   * Challenge Coins presented to incoming midshipmen at the annual Hail and Farewell

   * Chapter administrative expenses such as name tag holders, basic supplies, mailings

   * Cost of dinner for guest speakers and other distinguished guests

   * Covering meals for midshipmen and sea cadets at chapter functions

   * Other necessary expenses as authorized by the Board


In 2020, the Chapter will sponsor a local student by paying tuition to attend either a Naval Academy STEM Camp or Summer Seminar. Your dues payments along with modest fundraising efforts allow the Chapter to make a difference for a deserving local student and support USNA.


Per the U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association bylaws, an individual must be a dues paying member to be included as a voting member of the Chapter. 


Dues payments may be made as follows:


Online using Zelle  (payment can be directly deposited into chapter bank account.  Must have a Zelle account.  Use email address below to direct deposit)


Zelle ( use underscore between first and last name

2.5% processing fee (please pay $25.63 so the chapter does not have to absorb the cost of processing)


By Check


Make check payable to:  USNA Alumni Association – Columbus Chapter 


Mail to Chapter Treasurer:


    Jim Waddell

    1330 Wyandotte Rd.

    Columbus, OH 43212



*** If you wish to make a donation above and beyond the annual dues amount or target an amount above the $25 dues to the STEM/Summer Seminar sponsorship, your contribution will be gratefully accepted.


Your dues and donations are much appreciated and will help our Chapter become more meaningful to members and our USNA community.


Please direct any questions to Dave Goins at



Dark Ages Pub Night

Columbus Chapter USNA Alumni Association

Dark Ages Pub Night

Saturday, February 29, 2020

5:30 – 8:00 pm

The Blarney Stone Tavern

2245 W. Dublin – Granville Rd (Linworth)

Worthington, OH 43085

No RSVP necessary   Order from menu or bar

Beat Army!

Chapter Luncheon 19 June 2019

Posted: 5/31/2019

Columbus Chapter

U.S. Naval Academy Alumni Association


welcomes Rear Admiral Steve Horton (USNA ’73) via video presenting facts and analysis of the 2017 USS Fitzgerald (DDG 62) collision.


19 June 2019

Heritage Golf Club

3525 Heritage Club Dr, Hilliard, OH 43026

Luncheon 11:30 – 1:00

Cost $27

Pay at the door by check or cash

RSVP by email to Dave Goins

NLT 17 June


Please consider joining us for an in depth and current look at findings from the investigation into this recent tragic accident.


Dark Ages Pub Night

Posted: 3/4/2019

Columbus Chapter USNA Alumni Association

Dark Ages Pub Night

Thursday, March 7, 2019


The Wine Bistro

8231 N. High Street
Columbus, OH 43235

North High Street, 2 miles north of I-270

No RSVP necessary   Order from menu or bar


Beat Army!

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